Shoujo Saturday: Kamisama Hajimemashita


For my first Shoujo Saturday I’m going to talk about a series I’ve recently started reading, Kamisama Hajimemashita, or as it’s known in the US Kamisama Kiss.

First off this is for those female readers of mine, as these series tend not to be focused towards males. That won’t stop me from reading them however and if you are feeling comfortable in your masculinity, guys you too can come enjoy the journeys! Secondly I haven’t been reading Shoujo series for very long, only about 6 months, and because of this I won’t go into as much detail as my other reviews. I’m not nearly knowledgable enough about the genre to do more than suggest whether I think you should read it or not.

First off a word of warning, I’m not caught up to release yet on this series so I don’t know whats happened in the latest chapter. Please don’t spoil it for me or others. I’m currently at Chapter 70.

Summary: Nanami is an ordinary high school girl whose mother died when she was young and whose father is a good for nothing gambler with huge amounts of debt. Her father goes off to parts unknown and leaves Nanami with his debt! Of course the debt collectors come and repossess her home, leaving her homeless with nowhere left to go. She meets a strange man being attacked by a dog whom she promptly helps out and he offers her his home to stay in saying she’ll be a better owner than he ever was. Esctatic she heads towards her new home and discovers its an old Shinto shrine and not just that, she just inherited the role of being the local God of the Land along with a not so happy familiar to serve her.

Characters: So far I’m enjoying the characters immensely and finding that Nanami doesn’t abuse her power like I probably would if I was just turned into a living god(dess).

For those who like: Romance, drama, some action, and good old religious mythology.

Not for those who don’t like: Any of the above, or Shoujo series in general.

Should you read it: If you are just stepping into the genre for the first time, this is probably a decent enough starting point. For those already familiar with the genre they will probably find it good, but not spectacular.

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