Retro Game Friday: Diddy Kong Racing


Last week I talked about Tales of Symphonia and it’s less than stellar sequel. This week I’m talking about one of the first video games I ever owned, along with Mario 64. It’s Diddy Kong Racing! Again my stipulations about nostalgia and the rest are still applicable to this review. That being said let’s start!

Plot Summary: Timber the Tiger’s parents go on vacation and leave their son in charge of the island they live on, leaving him and his friends to race for fun. Their enjoyment is derailed when an evil intergalactic pigwizard named Wizpig arrives at peaceful Timber’s Island and attempts to take over after he conquered his own planet’s racetracks. He turns the four island’s guardians: Tricky the Triceratops, Bubbler the Octopus, Bluey the Walrus and Smokey the Dragon into his henchmen.

Timber recruits a team of eight racers: Diddy Kong, the first recruit; Conker the Squirrel and Banjo the Bear, recruited by Diddy; Krunch the Kremling, Diddy’s enemy who follows after him; and Tiptup the Turtle, T.T. the Stopwatch, Pipsy the Mouse, and Bumper the Badger, inhabitants of Timber’s island.

Plot: Looking back it wasn’t that great, but when I was 7 years old it was pretty freaking good. The fact that a racing game has a plot is pretty unusual and makes Mario Kart look dumb.

Gameplay: You could race in 3 vehicles: A car, A Hovercraft, and a Plane. The car was the easiest to control with the Hovercraft being the hardest.  There were items you could pick up to harass your opponents with from Balloons, but unlike Mario Kart there was a completely different system to it. Red Balloons gave rockets, but what kind of rocket depended on how many Red Balloons you got. 1 Balloon gave you a standard rocket, 2 gave you a faster one I think and 3 gave you heat seeking. There were other ones as well. Blue for speed and Green for traps like an Oil Spill that’d spin out your opponents.

Multiplayer: Pretty fun for a kid, as an adult I’d find it boring now.

Should You play this game: If you can find a copy and have an N64, go for it if you have little ones of your own, they’ll have a blast. Otherwise you aren’t missing too much

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