Manga Monday: Iron Knight by Yagi Tomohiro


Sorry for the above picture being a cover of Weekly Shonen Jump, but I figured that’d be the best cover since there hasn’t been a Tankobon, compiled volume of a certain amount of chapters of a manga series published together. Anyways I thought I’d go over one of the better series I’ve seen from Weekly Shonen Jump in a while, Iron Knight! It’s only got 10 chapters released so far, but I love it already.

Plot Synopsis:  The story of Iron Knight revolves around the life of Teppei Ushizume. Teppei is a normal boy that lives a normal life. He goes to school, and has friends like every other 10-year-old boy. Although he doesn’t live with his parents, because his mother died and his father has to be away from home for long periods of time because of his job, he stays with Tsubasa Himegami, a very close friend of his, and her family until his father returns. But everything changed when the Goblins rose and the Era of Chaos began.

Plot: It’s a typical shonen series so far, but I have great hope that it will morph into something better and there are suggestions of this happening in later chapters.

Characters: In an age where authors love to tease out character romances, it’s stated fairly early that Teppei and Tsubasa have a thing for each other and are going to get married; In fact other characters already call them husband and wife. That said I love how Teppei is so very ideological and instead of being beaten down into the ground by his ideals gone wrong he backs it up with badassery!

Art: It’s pretty standard shonen fair, but it’s very pretty and well drawn! Can’t say much more yet, since it’s barely three months serialized, but I’m looking forward to watching the art improve.

Overall: A great series, and one anyone who likes post-apocalyptic should read for sure.

For those who like: A badass kid hero who can uphold his ideals with his badassery, Post-apocalyptic series, lots of violence and destruction.

Not for those who don’t like: Any of the above, or romance that is already pre-determined.

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