Light Novel Thursday: Tasogare-iro no Uta Tsukai by Sazane Kei


This week I’m going over a series I’ve only read a part of, but have been really pleased with so far. It’s Tasogare-iro no Uta Tsukai by Sazane Kei.

Plot Synopsis:  This story depicts a fantasy world where objects and living creatures can be summoned through Recitations and the use of special catalysts, along with the aid of Songs of Praise. There are five basic colors of Recitations: Keinez(red) – Ruguz(blue) – Surisuz(yellow) – Beorc(green) – Arzus(white), and each can summon things of its respective color.

Evhemary Yehlemihas announces that she wants to create a new color – Night Color Recitations, and Xins Airwincle aims to be the first person to master all five colors. The two make a promise to meet again in the future and show each other their accomplishments.

In the present day, Neight Yehlemihas is the adopted son of the deceased Evhemary, and the inheritor of the Night Color. At a specialized Recitation school, he meets Kluele, a normal girl studying Red.

Their encounter marks the beginning of a series of events involving the mystery of Recitations…

Plot: I really enjoyed the first two volumes, as it shows a pretty standard romance story told with a dash of action, which while it can be a bit light for my tastes it’s still really good. I can’t tell if it will get better by the end, but going by his later series Hyoketsu Kyokai no Eden it’s going to just get better and better.

Art: I really enjoy the artwork for this series.

Overall: If you enjoy a romance story that doesn’t necessarily preclude action than you’ll enjoy this series.

For those who like: Action, Romance, Magic, Music, Magic Music.

Not for those who don’t like: Any of the above.


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