Video Game Tuesday: Destiny [Alpha Impressions Day 2]




This week I’m going over my 2nd day of the Destiny Alpha!

Gameplay: I continued leveling my Hunter, and found to my disappointment that I hit the cap at level 8. I did continue playing however and was rewarded with plenty of other encounters with other players out in the equivalent of free roam mode, it’s called exploration where you take an area map and scour it clear of enemies, although if you go a certain distance they respawn, while completing missions to gain experience. I found that the missions were a bit too generic go kill 10 boar sorts of things, but that I didn’t really care as I was having a blast playing anyways. I hope that there will be more variety however.



Other missions are a go to certain place and bring out your ghost companion, also known as Peter Dinklage, and have him scan something.That type of mission is what I was doing when I got my ass kicked by some super high level monsters under that building in that picture. I found one other type of mission and that was to survey a certain area from a certain vantage point, which means going somewhere really high and just standing there for about 10 seconds.

UI: I think the UI is pretty great, my only gripe with it is the lack of a true mini-map although the crude mini-map facsimile they use is easy to adjust to. I’d also love to see number’s counting down on my abilities for their cooldowns.

Artwork: The art in this game is amazing like I said last week and I’m really impressed with all the different types of ships and stuff you can get in the game. I have no clue if they have a gameplay aspect or if it’s just purely for showing off, you can see any teammate’s ships in the loading screens.



Overall: I’m really impressed and I did end up pre-ordering this game after the second day of the Alpha. I look forward to seeing you all out there!


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