Video Game Tuesday: Destiny Day 1 [Beta Impressions][Spoilers]


I got into the beta for Destiny so here’s my thoughts on my first few hours with the beta. Spoilers for the first few missions after the jump.

Story Missions: After creating your character and going through the absolutely epic intro cinematic you are thrust into a tense situation running for your life from some Fallen patrol that spots your Ghost revive you from death. The first mission is fairly easy and is absolutely balanced perfectly, although I wish we got a scout rifle instead of a full automatic assault rifle to start out with. That being said I thought it was well done.

The second mission has you looking for a warp drive for your ship, and the boss fight during that fight was tuned pretty well. I actually was joined by one of my friends right in the middle of the mission and we beat the remaining missions together. I’m going to go over the other missions in a bit more detail on another day after going through them again.

The rest of the missions were good, and while I miss the fact that the “That Wizard came from the Moon” line was cut from the third story mission, I thought Peter Dinklage’s voice work got the attention it needed in post production and it’s absolutely amazing to hear him.

Patrol Mission: It’s the same as it was in the Alpha however with more artwork included and voice work, for example you can tell what each of the different missions are in Nav mode now, although I wish you could find an in game legend of the different symbols. The Public Events happen frequently enough and I completed 3 last night in the 2 hours I spent playing.

Guns: I tried out some different primary guns this time around and I have to say that the Scout Rifle still is the best one for me, although Hand Cannon’s are nice as well. The Burst Rifle has way too much recoil and is nearly impossible to get decent headshots off with compared to the Scout Rifle.

Misc: I really hope the leveling speed stays the same for release, as it’s in a really good spot right now. However I’m disappointed that the level cap is still level 8, I really wanted to play around with the Bladedancer subclass (what was called focus previously).



2 thoughts on “Video Game Tuesday: Destiny Day 1 [Beta Impressions][Spoilers]

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