Video Game Tuesday: Destiny [Beta Impressions Days 2-6]



This week I’m talking about my time spent on the Destiny Beta.


First off I have to say that while I really wish I could be playing with the second subclasses, and that the level cap was just a bit higher, I’m not surprised that Bungie isn’t allowing us to progress much further in the Beta than we could in the Alpha.

PvP: I took to the Crucible during the Iron Banner event on the Beta, where your level actually mattered, and was struck at how much better it made the game. Finally an FPS where all the time I spent in upgrading my character gave me the option to play how I wanted without feeling useless. You could get some pretty cool rewards for doing the Iron Banner like this sweet Hunter cloak that is actually a freaking cloak and not some wimpy cape with a hood.


Exploration: This is where I spend most of my time in Destiny, because I’m a sucker for lore in video games and the Grimoire Cards you can read up on in the companion app are gathered by doing activities like kill X amount of an enemy or finding dead Ghosts out in the world. You can even take on bosses from Strikes by yourself if you feel up to it. I wanted to improve my skills and see if I could take down the Devil Walker that had caused me so much trouble during the Alpha.


Needless to say it took me forever, but I did take it down finally.


Story Missions: I really enjoy the story missions and while some of them end with cutscenes, that should totally be skippable if you’ve seen them before, they weren’t much of a challenge if you do them at the correct level or with friends. That being said you can up the difficulty and make it harder for yourself and any friends with you.



Overall: I’m still psyched for Destiny to come out and I’ll have my final thoughts on the Beta next week!


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