Video Game Tuesday: Destiny [Final Beta Impressions]


This is the last post on Destiny’s beta and I have to say that I really am missing it already, I wish I could be playing the full game right now.

Iron Banner: So I took part in the Iron Banner again and I made it my mission to get to the first tier of reputation with them so I could get that sick cloak and a pretty cool emblem of two wolf heads.


I ended up using a Shotgun and a Pulse Rifle in most of the maps along with a Rocket Launcher for my Heavy weapon slot. I did switch out the shotgun for my sniper rifle on the Moon map, since it was such a huge map it was better suited for a sniper. I dislike how people with an Auto Rifle could mow down pretty much anyone from any distance, but maybe I’m projecting Halo’s Assault Rifle onto this game, and I disliked the Battle Rifle (a Pulse Rifle in Destiny) just as much in later  Halo games. I prefer precision and accuracy over a bullet spray so I would actually like the primary weapons to be a bit more balanced so I could use my Scout Rifle effectively in the full game. That being said it was Iron Banner where balance isn’t necessarily the name of the game and I enjoyed it anyways. I can’t wait to use the Bladedancer sub-class to sneak around in PvP. I might actually enjoy PvP if I like it enough. I’d also love it to have larger teams for some maps or game types. I loved 8v8 matches in Halo multiplayer and I would be disappointed if we could only have up to 6v6.

Exploration: I really wish I could have explored more of Old Russia in the beta, but I do understand why Bungie put highly over leveled enemies to block our path from going to areas we weren’t supposed to get to yet. For example there’s a cliff in one area where you are tasked in Explore mode to scout out the area and if you happen to look down you might see an enemy that will obliterate you if you get within melee range of it.




Now enterprising players with friends, which I do have but don’t own a PS4 and thus couldn’t enjoy Destiny with, used their Sparrows to knock this guy off into oblivion to get access to the cave he was guarding, however he was just guarding a chest.

Speaking of Sparrows if you find all five Golden Chests in Old Russia you get an upgraded Sparrow for your class, one of the ones that the Shipwright in the Tower sells for 2,250 Glimmer. You can do this on all of your characters individually, as Golden Chests are on a per character basis. Dead Ghosts however are not and if you are like me you don’t want to waste your time looking for the same thing on multiple characters for more lore.

Artwork: I really love all the different skyboxes that Bungie has done for Destiny. I know Bungie is well known for their Skyboxes, but they have outdone themselves this time.


Earth even rotates properly when viewed from the Moon!


However all that being said I do have issues with some of the artwork in Destiny. The cloak for Hunters animates oddly when you are traveling on your Sparrow, personally I think it could be solved by adding a bit more “wind” to the animation when you are boosting across areas.



I expect it to billow epically in my wake when I’m traveling on my Sparrow, I spent plenty of time earning that long cloak and I want it to look amazing when I’m on a vehicle.

Story Missions:


So I only got about an hour to do the Moon mission on the beta sadly, which was only half the time given to us, so I didn’t get to explore the Hellmouth. However I did quite enjoy the mission itself and I was psyched that we could finally get a Pike to drive around. Pro tip: you can perform a lateral dash to dodge incoming fire by pressing L1 or R1, (RB or LB on an Xbox console). Higher quality Sparrows also get this ability.



Overall: Look I’ve probably annoyed some people by making so many articles on this game already. However I can’t state this enough this is going to be the Game of the Year this year hands down. It’s addictive like Diablo or World of Warcraft, but it’s an FPS with an amazing storyline. Plus the PvP is looking to be amazing if they can fix some balancing issues, like the Interceptor and Auto Rifles. I’ll be starting my journey to “Become Legend” on September 9th when Destiny launches, will you?



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