Video Game Tuesday: Road Not Taken


This week I’m reviewing Road Not Taken, a game that was so frustrating that I gave up on the second level.

Plot: From what I can tell there really isn’t a plot, although it could be like Dark Souls and be explained as you go along.

Gameplay: The gameplay is brutally hard, a single mistake can easily cost you your life in this game, and it makes for very frustrating gameplay. It’s frustrating because you can’t throw things anywhere except away from your body, which is annoying as hell.

Music: The music for this game was nice, but not enough to keep me playing.

Art: The art is very simple, but beautiful. However like the music it’s not enough for me to keep playing this game.

Overall: Don’t bother playing this game unless you enjoy brutally hard games.

For those who like: Brutal Games.

Not for those who don’t like: Brutal Games


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