Retro Game Friday: Final Fantasy Tactics A2


This week I’m covering the sequel to Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, it’s Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift.

Plot Synopsis: The game focuses on Luso Clemens, a young boy living in St. Ivalice, who is told by his teacher, as school ends, that he will be staying back and helping the school librarian, Mr. Randell, to clean the library as punishment for things such as turning up to class late, which he feels is unfair as summer vacation has started since school has ended. His teacher tells him otherwise and sends him to complete his task. Luso arrive at the library, only to find that Mr. Randell is not there, and so decides to look around, finding an old book. Reading the book, he finds it abruptly becomes blank in the middle. Just before it does, the book states that the reader should name the person who should fill in the blank pages. Luso decides to write in his own name on page after these words, which causes him to be transported into the world of Ivalice by it.

Plot: The plot is similar to the first game, but it’s different enough. I really enjoy the plot line although I wish there was an additional what if ending like there was for the first game.

Gameplay: Like the first game I felt that Humans were highly overpowered, but Viera were a close second with Snipers with the Assassination Subclass able to use their ultima attack from up to 9 tiles away being supremely overpowered. Once you get a couple of Viera able to pull off that feat on the battlefield you are pretty much set for the rest of the game. The gameplay otherwise is a lot like the first, with less restrictions on in game death than the first one. I felt that was a bit sad, but it was easier to beat the story that way.

Characters: Luso is much more likable than Marche ever was, and the rest of the cast is unforgettable. Expect some cameos from the previous game as well as from Final Fantasy 12.

Art: It looks a lot like the first game, and that isn’t a bad thing as I thought it was one of the prettiest games on the Gameboy Advance.

Music: The music was alright, but like the rest of my handheld games I rarely listened to it.

Overall: If you’ve played the first game and never played this sequel you should.

For those who like: Tactical RPGs, RPGs, Final Fantasy, Strategy Games.

Not for those who don’t like: Any of the above.


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