Retro Game Friday: SkiFree



This week for Retro Game Friday, I’m talking about a game that was a contemporary to Chip’s Challenge, it’s SkiFree!

Plot Synopsis: There is no plot to this game.

Gameplay: In what is probably the very first “Endless Runner” style of game, you control a skier who tries to complete a course on the slopes, but even after the course you can keep going, until big fat and ugly pictured above eats you, skis and all. The gameplay was very simple, you controlled it with your mouse or keyboard, and after completing the course the goal was to see how long you could flee from the Yeti.

Music: I honestly don’t remember if this had music.

Overall: It’s a fairly simple game, but if you love endless runners, you should at least try to find a flash version of this game to play.

For those who like: Impossible Games, Endless Runners, Repeated failures.

Not for those who don’t like: Any of the above.


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