Book Series Wednesday: A Step into the Past by Huang Yi


This week for Book Series Wednesday I’m covering a series that is from China! It’s A Step into the Past by Huang Yi.

Plot Synopsis: A man called Xiang Shaolong who travels from modern times to an ancient time period in the distant past. Xiang Shaolong is the best soldier in China during the modern era. A mad scientist wants to test his “time machine” by going back to the coronation of the first Emperor of China. Xiang Shaolong was the test subject. He goes back to the past, but (of course) the time machine breaks while he uses it. He is now stuck, with his knowledge of modern military tactics and other things he tries to survive in Ancient China.

Plot: The plot is quite violent, but that is to be expected when you are in the period of time when wars were commonplace and treachery and backstabbing is common.  Xiang gets to know quite a few famous people from history, and it’s a very interesting read. One thing I’d like to note is that it does have sex scenes, but they are so brief it’s nothing erotic, also in this time period polygamy is very common.

Characters: The characters in this series are all very well done, they are intricately crafted and while some (not many thankfully) are just there after their own plot is done they still show up and have impacts on the story. Xiang himself is a great main character and he’s very forthright in his nervousness about whether or not he will survive in this period of time. He uses his knowledge of 21st century special forces training to defeat people until he runs into a wandering swordsman who teaches him how to use a sword properly.

Overall: If you enjoy a good long series, read this one the pages total over 2,100.

For those who like: Chinese Dramas, Chinese History, History, Wuxia (Think Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon), Warfare, Amazing Cast of Characters.

Not for those who don’t like: Any of the above.



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