Manga Monday: Series That Ended in 2014


This week for Manga Monday I’m going to talk about some notable series that ended in 2014.

Naruto: Wow I can’t believe it lasted 15 years, but what a ride of both excitement and disappointment it was for those 15 years for so many people. I’ll probably give this a full review in a couple of weeks at the latest, but this was one of the Big 3 (Bleach, Naruto and One Piece) and it was the first to end when most assumed it would last longer then Bleach would. Good thing One Piece only hit it’s halfway mark a few years ago.

Kuroko no Basuke: I really didn’t think that this series would do so well, but it definitely lived up to the standards left by other series like Prince of Tennis and Slam Dunk. I’m excited to read the epilogue¬†series.

Tokyo Ghoul: Like I said yesterday, I really don’t like this series, but it did end last year and it was one of the top selling series. Personally I think it’s a bit overhyped, but oh well. I’ll probably cover this sometime in the future. There is a sequel series that has started, but I personally don’t like it at all.

That’s it for this week’s Manga Monday, sorry for the short article!


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