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Shoujo Saturday: Bokura no Kiseki by Natsuo Kumeta [Quick Review]


This week for Shoujo Saturday I’m doing another quick review, something I’m really sorry for, but the rest of my backlog takes precedence over the material for Saturday at the moment. That being said expect a full review of this series sooner rather than later. It’s Bokura no Kiseki, or Our Miracle in English, by Natsuo Kumeta.

Plot Synopsis: Ever since he was a child, Minami Harusumi has been having recurring dreams and flashbacks of his past life as Veronica, a princess of a small country called Zerestria. Thinking that getting reincarnated is normal, he told his classmates about it and was promptly mocked.

Plot: The plot hook is great, and I’m really interested in reading this series. I just ran out of time to read it this week with everything I had going on.

Characters: Minami is an interesting main character and I want to learn more about his life as Veronica. So far the cast seems to be unimportant so far.

Artwork: The art is standard Josei material, but that doesn’t mean it’s average. It’s great, I just wish it had a little bit more distinct line work.

Overall: Give this series a read if you like reincarnation stories.

For those who like: Reincarnation Series, Magic, Fantasy, Josei.

Not for those who don’t like: Any of the above.