Anime Sunday: Durarara!!×2 Shou [Spoilers for Season 1]


This week on Anime Sunday I’m covering the sequel season to Durarara!! Spoilers for Season 1 after the jump!

Plot Synopsis: Set 6 months after the end of the first season’s events, life has been a bit more peaceful than usual for the citizens of Ikebukuro. Although when you live in a city where both Celty Sturlson, a Dullahan from Ireland, and Shizuo Heiwajima, the ever quick to anger man with superhuman strength dressed in a bartender outfit, live; peace is never a long time visitor. The plot begins with Celty running from the cops again, a result of her helping Mikado save Masomi from the Yellow Squares.

Plot: I really do enjoy the story of Durarara!! quite a bit and while it’s not conventional it’s always entertaining. That said if slow paced sections followed by incredibly fast paced sections of plot don’t interest you, Durarara!! isn’t your type of show.

Characters: I still love Celty, Shizuo and Izaya the most out of all the different characters that the show has, but my favorite newcomers Orihara Mairu and Orihara Kururi are just as insane as their older brother Izaya. The rest of the newcomers are also quite interesting, some of whom, were cameoed in the first season.

Artwork: It’s quite a bit like the first season, just in a higher definition setting, which isn’t bad at all.

Music: Still just as good as the first season’s music.

Overall: If you enjoyed Season 1, you have to watch the continuation of the series.


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