Anime Sunday: Danmachi Episode 1 First Impressions



This week on Anime Sunday I’m talking about Danmachi’s first Anime Episode! It’s all about first impressions!

Characters: I enjoy who they are using to voice the characters as it fits what I had in my mind for them very well. The characters themselves act exactly like the source material, which I appreciate.

Artwork: The art is great, it’s even spawned ridiculous internet discussions already with a dialogue about Hestia’s string. That conversation is both hilarious and disturbing.

Music: The music is perfect, and I enjoyed the opening quite a bit.

Plot Pacing: This is where I’m a little worried, I’m hoping it doesn’t go too quickly as it would be a shame to go anything less than three episodes per volume of source material. Hopefully it doesn’t start squeezing them into single episodes like Campione! did.

Overall: This is going to be one of the better series of the Spring 2015 Season.

That’s it for this week’s Anime Sunday. I think I’ll be covering Shokugeki no Soma’s first episode next week. We’ll see.



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