TNT: Otomege Burikko Academy Chapter Summer Vacation by Sakura Ageha [Spoilers for previous arcs]



This week for Translation Necessary Thursday I’m covering the third arc in the Otomege Burikko series. It’s Otomege Burikko Academy Chapter Summer Vacation by Sakura Ageha! Spoilers after the jump!

Plot Synopsis: After rescuing Royce and Mei from the Royal Prince faction, Camille and Achille have finally admitted their love to one another. Meanwhile Royce and Raiga have formed a uneasy friendship after confronting Royce’s Uncle, Raiga’s Father. The first semester has ended and now it’s time for Summer Vacation. What’ll happen to this Magic Otaku with her burgeoning romance for her childhood friend over Summer Vacation?

Plot: The plot’s quite good as the intrigue is starting to really ramp up, but I won’t spoil anything more as it’s very good.

Characters: We get to see more of the Queen of Spades and I’m really liking how crafty Royce and Achille have become.

Overall: An even better arc after the already amazing second arc. If you aren’t reading this series yet, you should be.


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