Video Game Tuesday: Player’s Vocal Impact


This week for Video Game Tuesday I’m taking a look at something near and dear to my heart. It’s all about Player’s Vocal Impact!

What do I mean Vocal Impact?: I mean when something that a video game developer does that is so offensive or just plain stupid that a huge amount of their consumers, gamers, make a legitimate and specific argument against it. This must be a legitimate concern and it must be specific. There have been recent outcries against things in the industry that are nothing more than witch hunts against certain people, or groups of people. This isn’t what I’m covering and if someone brings up the subject in the comments I will mercilessly delete it. I want no part in that farce.  I mean something like the Real ID debacle with Blizzard and their forums, where people objected vehemently, and with some good reason, against having their actual names used instead of character names on their forums.

Why is it important to do these things?:  Well when a developer does something as stupid as what Bungie did recently with their announcement of The Taken King content pack for Destiny, specifically their idiotic idea to make the collectors edition bonuses a part of an $80 bundle that included things most dedicated players already have like previous DLC, people have the right to be upset. Luke Smith was an absolute idiot in saying what he said, and that is why companies have a PR department. Stuff like that is a legitimate insult and only after having their decisions blow up in their faces did Bungie retract their ideas. That all said, being incredibly vocal doesn’t mean your issue with the game will be resolved to your satisifaction. If it’s got to do with game balance, 99.99% of the time your complaints will be ignored. If you actually provide solid evidence that it’s wrong it may get considered, and if it’s a truly stupid idea it’ll probably be fixed.

The Lesson?: Be vocal about things that are legitimately upsetting, but be specific and provide actual evidence. If you just say things that are vague, you’ll be ignored as a screaming child having a temper tantrum.

That’s it for this week’s Video Game Tuesday!


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