Bookish Wednesday: Horizon Storms by Kevin J. Anderson [Spoilers for previous books]


This week for Bookish Wednesday I’m covering the third book in The Saga of Seven Suns. The gale is here with Horizon Storms by Kevin J. Anderson! Spoilers after the jump!

Plot Synopsis: The elemental war between hydrogues and faeros continues to sweep across the Spiral Arm, extinguishing suns and destroying planets. Hansa Chairman Basil Wenceslas (and his figurehead King Peter) attempts to unify all branches of the human race to stand together against the threat, even if they must resort to deception and oppression to do so. The Roamer clans and the people of Theroc do not give up their independence easily, however, and Basil’s policies soon force the disparate civilizations to forge alliances of their own.

Plot: The plot is great, and it continues to bring some needed hope to the series, as it’d be thoroughly depressing if it didn’t have some. I enjoyed it quite a bit.

Characters: Orli Covitz is probably one of my favorite additions to the series, but Vao’sh and Anton are quickly becoming a couple of my favorite characters along with Davlin, “expert in obscure details” extraordinaire.  Yea Davlin is a really bad ass character and I love it.

Overall: An excellent entry in this already fantastic series.

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