Manga Monday: Rakshasa Street by Xu Chen


Hey all I’m back with a rather unusual series for this week’s Manga Monday. It’s Rakshasa Street by Xu Chen!

Plot Synopsis: Rakshasa Street, one of many Requiem Streets, a place where spirits and humans co-exist. Not all humans can enter a Requiem Street, only those rare-soul users with guardian spirits may. Xia Ling was just a normal university intern, but a chance meeting changes her ordinary life.

Plot: The plot is pretty good, nothing super amazing, but still good.

Characters: Xia Ling may be the lead, but the rest of the cast is also amazing. I actually like having a female for the lead, something that isn’t necessarily common from Chinese Manhua.

Art: The art is good, I enjoyed it quite a bit.

Overall: This is well worth a read, it’s one of the better Chinese Manhua series I’ve read out there.

For those who like: Chinese stories, Action, Urban Fantasy, Supernatural.

Not for those who don’t like: Any of the above.


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