Video Game Tuesday: Black Spindle and it’s Implications


This week on Video Game Tuesday I’m going to cover the recent Black Spindle “event” and talk about it’s implications for games in the future. It’s all about Black Spindle and it’s Implications!

Backstory: Two weeks ago someone was running a daily mission in Destiny, where one mission is chosen and it is harder than usual. In a case of sheer luck this person and his friend stumbled onto a secret branch off the typical mission and found a secret sub mission where an extremely powerful weapon was rewarded for completing it. The sub mission is ridiculously diffucult, I’ve tried it about 5 times both times the mission in quest came up as the daily, and failed every time. However this has lead the entire community into a frenzy looking for all the various secret endings to missions, especially in the daily missions.

This isn’t the only frenzy going on in the Destiny community. A certain weapon called Sleeper Stimulant has been undiscovered and people are frantically trying to figure out how to obtain it. It’s gotten so frantic that a entire subreddit has been made and is being almost constantly updated dedicated just to looking for this one single item.

What does this mean for the future of gaming?: Well if other developers copy this idea into future games it’ll become some of the best emergent gameplay in ages. It may even spawn an entire sub-genre of games where people try to solve all the various mysteries in order to get better and incredibly rare equipment. And other developers will copy this idea, they’d be incredibly stupid not to. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this sort of thing in a future World of Warcraft expansion.

That’s it for this week’s Video Game Tuesday, go out there and search for some secrets in your favorite game!


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