Retro Game Friday: Treasure Mountain


This week for Retro Game Friday I’m back with a game that I’m ashamed of playing now, but even annoyed me as a kid. It’s Treasure Mountain!

Plot Synopsis: As the game opens, the Master of Mischief, a common antagonist of The Learning Company’s Super Seekers games, steals the kingdom’s crown and hides all of the castle’s treasures. The player takes on the role of the Super Seeker once again, whose job is to find the treasures and remove the Master of Mischief from the throne.

Plot: Uhh yea… It was bad even as a kid, I always thought “what’s wrong with this place if they let this guy just take over this castle over and over again.” So it’s not thrilling.

Gameplay: It was an edutainment game, soo gameplay was non existant. It was also repetitive as hell.

Art: Decent enough, but it wasn’t great.

Music: Annoying as hell, even to me as a kid.

Overall: Avoid this like Twilight.

For those who like: Toddler Games. (The intended ages is an insult to a child’s intelligence.)

Not for those who don’t like: Toddler Games.


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