Video Game Tuesday: Fads in Gaming


This week for Video Game Tuesday I’m covering what I really hate about the gaming industry sometimes. It’s all about Fads in Gaming!

What do I mean Fads in Gaming?: Touch Controls, Motion Controls and just plain weird Controllers are just some of the things that come to mind and those are the main topics for today.

Touch Controls: Other than for mobile (smartphone) games, a topic for another day, I despise touch controls. Especially with a stylus. It’s a control method that I hate personally because it doesn’t allow for people with a minor physical disability or poor gross motor functions to play games. Many people struggle with these things and touch controls only limit customer bases for a developer, not expand them. Thankfully this fad has died down for the most part, with the exception of mobile “gaming” which like I said before is a topic for another day.

Motion Controls: Again Motion Controls are a limitation for people with minor physical disabilities or poor gross motor functions. Why people jumped so fast onto this particular fad I don’t understand. In addition it was way too easy to use control schemes in ways other than the developer thought. The Wiimote in particular was highly inaccurate and was a terrible controller. The fact that it required a strap for the wrist is laughable design wise because it’d fly out of peoples hands and into things like TVs, Windows, or other people’s heads. If you need to take the controller slipping out of ones hands and becoming a projectile into consideration you are designing them wrong.

Weird Controllers: Remember the Nintendo 64 Controller? No one used the functionality of the D-Pad on that thing, so having the three prongs on it was just weird design wise. A good controller is something like the Xbox 360 Controller, not that oddly shaped piece of crud we used for the Nintendo 64.

That’s it for this week’s Video Game Tuesday! What are some of your despised fads? Leave a comment below!


One thought on “Video Game Tuesday: Fads in Gaming

  1. every country have different palm size that make difference at comfortable when playing with joystick…for example xbox 360 stick are too large for many indonesian people… and psx/ps2 joystick are comfortable for them…sorry for my poor english

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