Manga Monday: Houkago Sword Club by Nagashii Kouhei


This week for Manga Monday I’m covering a series I just read the other day. It’s Houkago Sword Club by Nagashii Kouhei!

Plot Synopsis: Gaie Kensei is just starting his high-school life, at the same school as his childhood friend Nireki Hikari. His high school boasts a highly competitive kendo club, and Kensei is excited to join and begin learning from the older students. However, the fact that Kensei’s father is a legendary kendo competitor works against him. Once the other club members learn that Kensei is not as good as his father, they refuse to let him join the team.

Plot: The plot thus far, only a single chapter has been released in English, is interesting. I’m looking to see what goes on in later chapters, although I found out that the series is already complete after the third volume, so I don’t know if it was axed or not.

Character: Kensei is a pretty whiny brat, but Naoto who seems to be the female lead looks to be pretty awesome. I’m definitely more interested in her than Kensei at this point, but again this is just the first chapter.

Art: The art is pretty good, nothing Shueisha level, but not bad at all.

Overall: I’m giving this the tentative go ahead, as only one chapter has been released so far.


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