Anime Sunday: Musaigen Episode 01 Impressions


This week for Anime Sunday I’m covering another new series. It’s my Musaigen Episode 01 Impressions!

Plot Synopsis:  In the near future, the accidental release of an experimental virus causes an outbreak that changes the brain chemistry of every person in the world, allowing them to perceive extra-dimensional beings called “phantoms”. In addition, some children born after the outbreak have developed special powers that allow them to battle and seal phantoms. Even though the vast majority of phantoms are harmless, many of these gifted children are placed in clubs and organizations dedicated to dealing with phantoms that prove to be nuisances or threats to humanity. The story revolves around Haruhiko Ichijo and his friends in the Phantom-hunting club of Hosea Academy, a private school for children with special abilities to seal phantoms, and their everyday life and struggles, dealing with phantoms.

Plot: The plot seems to be pretty interesting, however I’m not sure how much it can keep my interest for the rest of the season. It’ll depend on the following episodes greatly.

Characters: The cast we’ve met thus far is pretty interesting, but I’m most interested in the mysterious red-head who shows up near the end of the episode. Haruhiko seems pretty redundant, so I’m also hoping he becomes more interesting as the series goes on. Mai and Reina are interesting characters, but follow tropes a bit too much.

Art: However the one absolutely great thing that this series has done so far without question is the animation. It’s awesome looking and quite fluid for action scenes. I’m not sure if the studio can keep up the production quality, but if they do it’ll be great.

Music: The music was interesting, but nothing really stood out to me.

Overall: Going to give the go ahead to at least try the first episode, it has promise. Where you should continue afterwards just depends on whether it can deliver on that promise.



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