Retro Game Friday: Turok 2


This week for Retro Game Friday I’m covering the sequel to Turok: Dinosaur Hunter! It’s Turok 2: Seeds of Evil!

Plot Synopsis: Turok 2: Seeds of Evil begins with the new Turok, Joshua Fireseed, appearing through a portal to face a blue-skinned woman named Adon. She explains he has been called by the Elders of the Lost Lands, the Lazarus Concordance, to defeat a powerful alien entity called the Primagen.

Plot: The plot was okay, from what little I can remember. It wasn’t super amazing, or I’d have remembered it, but it seemed okay.

Gameplay: It was a typical FPS, and while it doesn’t look as good as games today, it was one of the first to allow multiplayer on a game console. The multiplayer was loads of fun by the way, although you’d always have to watch out for your friends screen-watching you to kill you.

Art: Not amazing by today’s standards and has aged poorly, but it was pretty damn good back then.

Music: Same deal as the art, not amazing now, but amazing back then.

Overall: If you didn’t play the first one, you should definitely play this sequel, as it was loads of fun to play multiplayer with your friends.


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