Manga Monday: Red Raven by Fujimoto Shinta [Quick Review]


This week for Manga Monday I’m doing another Quick Review! It’s Red Raven by Fujimoto Shinta!

Plot Synopsis: When the Raven starts to sing, people die… An unstable world, a weak government… and Mafia’s escaping from their sins… In order to reduce unpunished crimes committed by the mafia… A Strength was born… Its agents are merciless and they kill without hesitation.

Plot: The plot is pretty good, so I’ve been hooked so far hopefully the series doesn’t screw up, as this first chapter was excellent.

Characters: We get introduced to Andy and Anna in this chapter, we get to learn about Anna’s past and why she does what she does as part of the Mafia. Hopefully we get to see more of her in the future, but it seems like Andy is the real main character. I can’t say I really enjoy him as a main character, I prefer Anna but Andy wasn’t the worst lead I’ve read.

Art: The art is quite good, almost up to Shonen Jump quality but not quite.

Overall: I’m giving this a tentative go ahead, hopefully I’m not wrong after my first impression with this first chapter.


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