Video Game Tuesday: Thoughts on the PS4.5


This week for Video Game Tuesday I’m going to share my thoughts on something I’ve been hearing lots of chatter on recently. It’s all about my Thoughts on the PS4.5!

PS4.5?: Sony is rumored to be developing a PS4 system to handle 4K resolution and probably include all sorts of other upgrades to the system, from memory space to sound of system running and its heat output.

Really? That sounds awesome!: Well yes and no, for those of us who already own a PS4 it’s not that exciting as we’re getting the short end of the stick if this turns out to be true. It also means developers may need to make two seperate versions of a game to play on two essentially different systems as resolution differences would require it most likely. Honestly I’m not sure on my stance on wether I’m excited or not. I’m excited that they could update the system to allow for 4K resolutions, but I don’t have the money to shell out for buying the system all over again.

Really you aren’t sure?: Well yea, I feel upset and excited at the same time, I feel screwed over by Sony if they actually do release a separate system, but I also feel super excited that they have the balls to even contemplate the idea. Like I said it’d increase development time and costs immensely if this turns out to be true.

Honestly I’ll probably take a look at this subject again after E3 in a month and half.

That’s it for this week’s Video Game Tuesday! See you next week!


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