Retro Game Friday: Halo CE Mac Edition


This week I’m taking a look at something most people don’t even know existed for this week’s Retro Game Friday! It’s Halo CE Mac Edition!

You’re joking right, a Mac version?: Yea it really did have a Mac version, it was essentially the PC version of the game, including the ability to use the Banshee in Multiplayer and the Plasma Launcher.

But Mac’s can’t play games!: Get over yourself, of course they can! However most developers don’t have the money to develop their game so it’s compatible with Mac OS X and Windows, and thus don’t ever bother with it. But plenty of games can be played just fine on a Mac, with Blizzard being the standout developer in terms of Mac Support.

Gameplay: It didn’t have co-operative modes, but the online play was quite fun I remember going into some custom servers where each pistol shot was actually a sniper round, or a sniper shot which was the tank round and game modes based on flipping a tank back and forth trying to crush the other players using the explosive rounds and nothing else. It was quite a lot of fun and I enjoyed it quite a bit. Oh and of course there was the story mode, but most people will have played it already so I’m not going to say more.

Art: Not great, but the gameplay was what mattered.

Music: Now the music was as awesome on the Mac version as it was on the original Xbox, if not better.

Overall: The online servers are probably down, but hey it was fun while it lasted!



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