TNT: Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapters 1-40 by Fenglin Tianxia


This week for Translation Necessary Thursday I’m back with a new series! It’s Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapters 1-40 by Fenglin Tianxia!

Plot Synopsis: Chu Yang, the Ninth Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword, sacrificed almost everything he had for the sake of improving his martial arts, including the love of his life. After spending three years locating the fifth fragment of the Nine Tribulations Sword, he was ambushed by all sides at that very place. Mortally injured with no means of escape, Chu Yang executed a sacrificial technique by plunging the Nine Tribulations Sword into his very own heart. “With the blood of my heart, ten thousand tribulations will collapse!”

After witnessing the death of all his ambushers, Chu Yang’s vision began to darken. At a distance, moments before his death, he saw the mastermind who had plotted his downfall — Mo Tian Ji, the elder brother of his beloved. With that, his eyes finally closed.

However, with a start, Chu Yang once again awoke to find that he had returned to when he was sixteen years of age!

Plot: The plot is pretty great, and it doesn’t follow the “Might makes Right” core concept that many other Xianxia and Wuxia follow. It’s more in line with Tales of Demons and Gods than something like Martial God Asura. I enjoy it quite a bit and it’s probably one of the top 10 series I’ve enjoyed reading in Chinese Fiction.

Characters: Chu Yang is a blast, right up there with Nie Li, and Lin Feng in being a brainy and awesome guy. The rest of the cast is pretty small in these first 40 chapters, but it’s the foundation for the rest of the series.

Overall: If you enjoy a badass lead character who is utterly shameless and brainy to boot, you’ll love Transcending the Nine Heavens.

For those who like: Xianxia, Wuxia, Action, Drama, Martial Arts, Awesome Plot, Amazing Cast of Characters.

Not for those who don’t like: Any of the above.


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