Sensate Saturday: Kono Kekkon by Ichikawa Shou


This week for Sensate Saturday I’m covering a one-shot! It’s Kono Kekkon ni ha Suki ga Nai by Ichikawa Shou!

Plot Synopsis: Tomoka and her boyfriend You are going to be married! As they exchange their vows, You proclaims “I don’t”. Surprised, Tomoka just found out that You doesn’t remember her at all! What will Tomoka do? Will You ever remember her?

Plot: This is a very brief one-shot, and it’s quite good despite only being a little over 30 pages long. It’s short and sweet and very much to the point. I can’t say much more about it, because of it’s length, but I really did enjoy the hell out of this short story.

Characters: Tomoka and You are great leads, amazing leads in fact. We don’t get all the typical drama nonsense in this short one-shot which is very welcome to me. It’s obvious that Tomoka loves You deeply and that she’s devastated by the fact that he can’t remember her.

Art: The art is great, and while I couldn’t find out who the original publisher was, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Shueisha.

Overal: This a very short and sweet romantic tale and makes for a good 10 minute read.

For those who like: Romance, No Drama, Excellent Story, Fantastic Characters, Great Artwork.

Not for those who don’t like: Any of the above.


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