Retro Game Friday: Favorite Robots


This week for Retro Game Friday I’m doing something a little different. I’m taking a look at some of my Favorite Robots!

Wheatly from Portal 2: Wheatly is a character you get introduced to at pretty much the beginning of the game, and while he goes through a few changes over the course of it, he was still pretty funny, but not the funniest or best on this list by far.

Zero from Mega Man Zero (and other series): Zero is a pretty bad ass guy, and while he’s an ancient war hero reborn in a new era he still handles himself pretty well. He’s a pretty awesome for a lead character in a series that hasn’t always been known for it’s kickass leads.

EDI from the Mass Effect series: EDI is an awesome character and I love her constant snark. Getting to have her as a teammate to help you out in ME3 was pretty fun as well, though I preferred to have Liara and Garrus in my team.

GLaDOS from the Portal Series: GLaDOS is an amazing character and anyone who has yet to play the original Portal game yet, should immediately remedy that problem. GLaDOS is the sole character who you interact with throughout the game and her remarks can leave you rolling around with laughter. Definitely one of the funniest on this list.

Dog from Half-Life 2: Dog is a pretty awesome character, although I honestly wish he was around more during gameplay. This keeps him from making the top of the list for me.

HK-47 from Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Series: My favorite Robot of all time has to be HK-47, hands down. His constant snarky remarks and his blatant disregard for human life left me hoarse from laughing too much. He also was an amazing team mate to have around to watch your back in a fight. Bow down before his greatness, meatbag.

That’s it for this week’s Video Game Tueday! Do you have some other robots that you find to be favorite characters? Leave a comment below.

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