Sensate Saturday: Coffee and Vanilla by Akegami Takara [Quick Review]


This week I’ve got another Quick Review for Sensate Saturday. It’s Coffee and Vanilla by Akegami Takara!

Plot Synopsis: Risa is a shy and sheltered woman, who because of going to an all-girls high school, automatically rejects any guy who asks her out.  However she really just wants to find a good boyfriend…

Plot: The plot in this first chapter is so stereotypical that it’s almost a bit weird how close to the various tropes the author sticks to. I’m not complaining, it’s a tried and true method of creative work, but it does leave some things to be desired. I’m not sure if the series gets better as it goes on, but as of right now I’m not too terribly impressed.

Characters: Risa is our female lead and she’s so stereotypical that it’s a little disappointing. Fukami our male lead is also pretty stereotypical. Like above, I’m not terribly impressed thus far.

Art: The one good thing about this is that the art is pretty good. It’s not amazing though, and it’s not enough to keep me reading the series if the next chapter disappoints.

Overall: Stay away, unless you really need to read a stereotypical romance.

For those who like: Romance, Drama, Stereotypes, Good Art.

Not for those who don’t like: Any of the above.


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