TNT: Zhan Long Chapters 81-120 by Shi Luo Ye


This week I’m back with the third batch of chapters for Zhan Long! It’s Zhan Long Chapters 81-120 by Shi Luo Ye!

Plot Synopsis: After gaining the Secret Class of Scavenger of Dragon City, Li Xiao Yao quickly rose to fame and infamy. He quickly became the top alchemist of Ba Huang City. After getting ganked a few times by the Generals and Jiang Fen Han they came to an agreement to fight together to get a Guild Creation tablet for Jiang Fen Han’s guild Vanguard. Li Xiao Yao got ready and set off to do battle with a large BOSS.

Plot: The plot of this set of chapters pretty much ramps up from the get go, and doesn’t let up for very long if at all. Which is pretty nice. We also get to see more of the world of <Destiny> and what goes on when players have conflicts.

Characters: We also get to meet more of Xiao Yao’s real life friends including Old K, Fox and Little Wolf who formed the original Zhan Long guild from a previous game. We also get to interact more with the Generals who are a real riot.

Overall: A very satisfying set of chapters that has almost non-stop action and plenty of drama.


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