Sensate Saturday: Liar x Liar by Kindaichi Renjuurou


This week for Sensate Saturday I’ve got another Quick Review! It’s Liar x Liar by Kindaichi Renjuurou!

Plot Synopsis: One day, on a whim, 20-year-old Minato dresses up in her friend’s cute high-school uniform and goes out briefly into the city. To her horror, she ends up running into her stepbrother, Tooru, who is actually only months younger than her. Since he’s cute, and a notorious player, Minato has had to deal with constant jealousy and suspicion from other girls all through their school days. Amazingly, she manages to convince Tooru that she’s actually someone who just happens to look a lot like his sister.

Plot: The plot isn’t super original, and is possibly to squicky for many Western readers. Personally I don’t have an issue with the premise of step siblings possibly falling in love, just the lying part.

Characters: Minato is a vindicative woman, and she really takes it out on her stepbrother Tooru. Frankly I don’t like either of them all that much, and will probably not be continuing to read this series.

Art: The art is okay, but nothing super amazing either.

Overall: An interesting premise, I personally won’t keep reading it, but Romance lovers might enjoy it.

For those who like: Romance, Drama, Slice of Life, Interesting Plot.

Not for those who don’t like: Any of the above.

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