TNT: Martial World Chapters 121-160 by Cocooned Cow


This week for Translation Necessary Thursday I’m back with the fourth set of chapters in Lin Ming’s quest for supremacy. It’s Martial World Chapters 121-160 by Cocooned Cow!

Plot Synopsis: Having successfully defeated Zhu Yan and further cemented his place as a rising star of the Seven Profound Martial House, Lin Ming sets out to improve his Inscription technique by doing odd jobs at the nearby Inscription Association. However clouds are brewing and his rising glory is leading to some powerful figures becoming nervous at his rapid rise in power.

Plot: This is a less action filled set of chapters than the previous one, but it doesn’t mean it’s not interesting. This is a set of chapters that lets us see some more intricate martial forms and techniques and how Lin Ming is a complete masochist when it comes to training. It’s even a chapter title….

Characters: We get introduced to a few new characters, but Qin Ziya is probably my favorite one. That being said the rest of the newcomers are all “interesting”.

Overall: A less action packed set of chapters, but still a fun read.


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