Sensate Saturday: Fantasy is the Highest Form of Fiction

Hey all I’m back this week for Sensate Saturday with a quick essay on my feelings about Fantasy. Fantasy is the Highest Form of Fiction, in my opinion!

What do you mean highest form?: I mean that if Fantasy is done correctly it’s the best genre in all of fiction. It serves the purpose of literature to allow readers to experience things they otherwise couldn’t, and while many contemporary fiction books cover rare or hard to experience situations and events, they aren’t out of the reach of people, just costly or impractical, or illegal.

Why?: Well if Fantasy is done correctly than no other genre of fiction can really take you to completely alien worlds and cultures. I’ll point to any of Brandon Sanderson’s many Cosmere works as shining examples of what I’m talking about, and they are also my personal gold standard for judging any and all books. The Cosmere novels completely take you away to worlds that just don’t exist, and yet they make sense to us and we can easily relate to the characters. Not many authors can achieve the mastery of the genre as well as Sanderson, and the masterful way he comes up with complete worlds, with customs, cultures, religions, magic and many other things is truly spectacular. That isn’t even including his incredible pace for writing either.

Why isn’t (Insert other Genre here) as good as Fantasy?: Because if done correctly it’s still a world that is Earth, or a culture we can relate to because of it being distinctly “Terran”. That isn’t to say there aren’t masterworks in other genres, I’m not arrogant enough to believe that and I personally love many other books that just aren’t in the Fantasy genre. The Harry Bosch series is one of my favorite series of all time and yet it’s completely grounded in American culture. Connelly pulls off amazing mysteries, but they just aren’t as unique or otherworldly as stuff Brandon Sanderson writes.

This is all of course my opinion as is everything else I write and personally I’d love to read other’s thoughts on the matter. Do you agree or disagree with my claim that Fantasy is the Highest Form of Fiction? Leave your comments down below.

3 thoughts on “Sensate Saturday: Fantasy is the Highest Form of Fiction

  1. I agree and Brandon Sanderson is by far my favorite author. On the subject, I have my first epic fantasy coming out later this year (going through final edits with publisher now). It’s in a similar vein to Brandon Sanderson and I was wondering if you would be interested in getting a pre-released copy for review, as you’ve been generous enough to do so for my LitRPG books.

    • Absolutely. Just send me a PDF and I’ll get on it as soon as I can, though it may be a few weeks.

      As a side note as of right now I’m hoping to be back to posting every day by the end of October. My stress has been very slowly diminishing, but it’s still really high right now. It doesn’t help that I absolutely hate the heat and there has been a very bad heatwave for the last few weeks.

      In addition we had my entire neighborhood’s water system fail multiple times a couple weeks ago and was without water for multiple days. It was due to lack of maintenance of the water systems, and I’m still waiting for the other shoe to drop. The landlords really haven’t fixed it, just patched it up like they’ve been doing for the last two years. That all happened during a week where we were hitting 105+ degrees. So hopefully it’ll stay working this time and it hasn’t broken again in a little more than a week, but I’m not optimistic it’ll stay functional.

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