Bookish Wednesday: The Reborn by Edward Brody

This week for Bookish Wednesday I’m covering another LitRPG series. It’s Eden’s Gate Book 01: The Reborn by Edward Brody!

Plot Synopsis: When Gunnar Long logs into into the first fully-immersive virtual MMORPG, he finds himself in a new world filled with magic, mystery and adventure. However not is all as it seems as the creator of the game, Rupert Winston, decides to close off the world’s exit to make the world a true reality. Now trapped in the game and separated by an unknown distance from the one person who he cares for who logged in at the same time as him, Gunnar must make some tough decisions…

Plot: The plot of this book is okay, there are some moments where I really wanted to throttle Gunnar, but overall the story was good. It’s not super amazing, but it’s not bad. There are some seriously overused tropes that were used, trapped in the game etc. However the take on those tropes was interesting enough for me to overlook it for the most part. I won’t say it’s the best LitRPG book I’ve read, because that’s absolutely not the case.

Characters: Like I said above, Gunnar made me want to throttle him sometimes, mostly because he acts like an ass. There are multiple reasons why I dislike Gunnar, but he does get some very needed character growth over the book. The rest of the cast is great, with Adeelee probably being my favorite character of the lot.

Overall: A decent LitRPG, better than some (Unbound Deathlords I’m looking at you), but not as good as others like Awaken Online.

3 thoughts on “Bookish Wednesday: The Reborn by Edward Brody

  1. You’re loving them LitRPGs, I’m glad I got in before the trope started to get too boring. I hope I’m not the one at fault for the asshole who made that comment on your Unbound Deathlords review. I replied with your review on the LitRPG group Facebook page for the reason I wasn’t interested after someone recommended it to me. At first, I took some flack when at first they thought I was the one who wrote it. The LitRPG community is a little inconsistent in how they treat their readers and writers but I suppose it’s only natural for a community that’s relatively new and growing so quickly.

    • Thank you, but even if that was the reason that’s fine, not everyone is going to agree with my opinions and frankly I don’t expect them to. But writing a character like Jack Thorne who struggles with “Depression” but really doesn’t convey how deep and dark it can get and than bemoans their own choices by being an asshole to everything just infuriates me. Which is why I have such a strong loathing for that particular book, it’s offensive to someone like me who actually deals with severe depression to see someone with such obvious means and ability who functions perfectly fine in society try to act all pathetic. He’s not only a politician’s son, but also a successful lawyer who has millions of dollars.

      Yet he constantly bemoans the fact that he chose the Undead race yet gets shafted because he didn’t do the research into the game. Depression on the scale he acts like it is should be so crippling that he’s not able to hold a job or other form of career, but he has one and such a successful one that his wealth is in the 8 digit range at the minimum.

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