Serial Saturday: Eternal Chapters 1-20 by CorpseDead

This week for Serial Saturday I’m covering a series that’s completed by it’s author. It’s What is it like to be Eternal Chapters 1-20 by CorpseDead!

Plot Synopsis: Have you ever thought about what is it like to be Eternal? What does being Eternal even mean? Maybe I can show you what it is that you are desiring. What lies at the center of the universe, when you reach the peak of strength and power? Can love reach that place too, or do you lose your feelings the stronger you get? How long can you travel and hold onto yourself, before feeling that you are starting to fall apart, losing your mind to your strength? How long is your road? Your feelings? What’s going to win over you? The Darkness and the Hate? The Love and the Light? Or maybe none?

Plot: The plot is pretty straight forward and is clearly influenced by Chinese Xuanhuan and Xianxia novels. That being said it doesn’t follow most of the genre’s standards which is really refreshing. The main characters are almost never separated among many other things that seem to get Western readers in a tizzy.

However, I’m NOT going to recommend this series. The main reason is that the author shoves his own bigotry and homophobia down your throat about 70 chapters in. I dropped the series immediately after reading an incredibly bigoted sentence that instantly enraged me. If the author hadn’t done that, I’d probably praise this series endlessly as what I hope to see in most Xianxia or Xuanhuan series for the way the author treats love interests. But they did and frankly it pisses me off that what was turning into a rather awesome series quickly was destroyed by only a single sentence that the author wrote.

Characters: Hiro and Alice are our leads and they are a pretty awesome pair of leads. It’s a pity that the Author decided to utterly destroy his story by including his own prejudices.

Overall: Stay far away from this series. While it’s completed and starts off really strongly, the single homophobic remark the author makes absolutely ruined my impression of the series entirely.

Personal Status: Dropped because the Author is a homophobic bigot.

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