Serial Saturday: Ghosthound Chapters 41-80 by Puddles

This week for Serial Saturday I’m back with the second set of chapters in one of my favorite web novels. It’s Ghosthound Chapters 41-80 by Puddles!

Plot Synopsis: As the system initializes, the world shifts. Geography is rearragned and mixed, and levels and stats are instituted across the globe. On that night, one young man was walking through an underground tunnel, his mind on the small problems of his easy life. Because of his location during the shift, he starts in a dungeon far above his level, with no knowledge or teacher, or Newbie Village to guide him. Without a class, he struggles simply to survive in this world changed by its new connection to the Nexus. But struggle he will, for he is Randidly Ghosthound, and this is only how his legend begins…

Plot: This continues the start of Ghosthound’s rise to fame in the ruins of Earth. While these chapters are still fairly foundational, they are also still fun as hell to read. While this isn’t where I would say the series is at it’s best, it’s also just starting to take off.

Characters: We get to meet quite a few new characters in these chapters and while they are all good overall, Randidly is still my favorite by far. That being said Lyra is quite fun too.

Overall: A solid set of chapters, if you haven’t started reading this series you really ought to start.



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