TNT: Black Belly Miss Chapters 201-240 by North Night

I’m back with another set of chapters in Jun Wuxie’s adventures for this week’s Translation Necessary Thursday. It’s Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss Chapters 201-240 by North Night!

Plot Synopsis: Having overcome the schemes and deposed the previous emperor of Qi, Wuxie is now dealing with the shock of the demands by the Qin Yu Sect. They came back to get both Bai Yunxian and an item called the Soul Jade. But there is a problem, the jade was split in half and one half is buried with Wuxie’s father in the family grave….

Plot: This is a pretty significant set of chapters, and sets up the the impetus for the rest of the series. That’s all I’ll say on that matter, but I will say that this is a rather awesome set of chapters.

Characters: We get to see a couple new faces, but mostly it’s all about Wuxie. That being said my favorite newcomer is Drunk Lotus.

Overall: A great set of chapters.

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