Serial Saturday: Our Chaoz Chapters 27-47 by SlyOkami

This week for Serial Saturday I’m back with the third arc in Kyle’s adventures. It’s Our Chaoz Chapters 24-27 by SlyOkami!

Plot Synopsis: Having declared war against Liliana and her demonic forces Kyle and his friends have decided to take the fight to them. But all is not as it seems and as they arrive at a Dwarven fortress Kyle starts to have some doubts about himself, this world and the people in it…

Plot: This is a pretty great set of chapters, and honestly I didn’t see most of what occurs in this set coming. Which for me is incredibly rare, as many long time readers of mine will know. For those unaware about what I’m talking about, I’ve got a gift for taking apart plots and seeing potential plot twists and can forsee the course of most novels with a good degree of accuracy just after reading only 50 pages. There are some exceptions, like Murder-Mystery series, but even those don’t tend to surprise me all that often.

That’s why I do what I do, which is review stories. I enjoy them deeply and while I can see many plot lines before they fully unfold, I still enjoy almost every story. Plus I read a good 1,000+ pages of text a day typically. But that’s getting off topic.

Characters: We get introduced to some more of Kyle’s guildies in this set of chapters, and we get even more insight into how Kyle and the others work. It’s a great time and honestly I really enjoy all the wackiness that happens with Kyle and his friends.

Overall: A great set of chapters in a series that can surprise even me.

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