Video Game Tuesday: ArenaNet Debacle

This week for Video Game Tuesday I’m back with a topic that gets me riled up. It’s all about the recent ArenaNet Debacle!

ArenaNet Debacle?: So for those unaware a couple writers for the Guild Wars 2 Developer ArenaNet made some angry, and absolutely justifiable, comments via their Twitter accounts. The nastier parts of the gaming community, including remnants of the sham #GamerGate movement among many other more bigoted parts of the community, called for their immediate firing from the company. And they were fired. It’s an absolute PR disaster and sets a terrible precedent that if people get angry and vocal enough they can call for specific developers to be fired. It’s bullshit of the worst kind and absolutely unacceptable behavior from the gaming community.

What should have happened?: Well ArenaNet should have updated their Social Media guidelines. Developers shouldn’t have to take crap thrown at them from ignorant asses that no nothing about making games. Defending themselves is perfectly acceptable, and following ArenaNet’s firing of the writers many other companies have updated their own Social Media guidelines. They also should have defended their developers rather than throwing them to the wolves like they did. Frankly I think what they did is completely unacceptable and stupid on their part.

The fact that people from such nasty parts of the gaming community, including the bullshit #GamerGate movement, got people fired is beyond stupid. What happens when all the good developers get fired? You get games like Candy Crush or even nothing at all.

That’s it for this week’s Video Game Tuesday.


4 thoughts on “Video Game Tuesday: ArenaNet Debacle

  1. Very, very, very ignorant post. As a long standing GW2 player, who has followed this debacle. Let me tell; Jessica Price deserved her firing. She gave out a 25+ tweet about narrative design. Jebro the man who she got in to argument with. Did NOT at any point mention anything to do with her gender. He politely disagreed with on some points on her narrative argument. SHE on the other hand, took things to another level. She was the one that brought up gender, she was the one that was being nasty. Let me tell you, just how ignorant she is. Jebro is an affiliate partner of Arenanet. He even has a npc named after him. Guess what she said as well “any random ass hat”. Funny, because she’s insulted not one but two prominent affiliate of the company. MMOInks is another affiliate partner. Oh and just for some fyi: Jessica Price said it was a good thing that total biscuit died of cancer.

    In an interview, this is the type of person she is. Mike O’ Brien is her fucking boss. Of course he can tell her to get in to his office. She goes on about how “he commanded her because she is a woman” what the fuck? how fucking deluded can you get. When was this ever about gender. She’s the one making it, not the other way round.

    As for Peter Fries. Well you’d think after spending 12 yrs in the company you’d think he’d know how to handle the situation. Nope, he also dissed the community. Granted, he then deleted the offending tweets. And that’s “it’s their personal accounts” so they can say what they want off the clocks. What? unless you make your tweets private ie protected tweets, when was twitter ever “private”.

    Mike even said it: “she should have just ignored it”. She didn’t. She’s nasty, got fired for similar behaviour from her pervious employers. And yet she’s getting the “special” treatment. Because she’s a woman. I’m going to feel very sorry for whatever company takes her on. They’ll be the one dealing with her toxic behaviour internally.

    • Hmm I’d agree on some things, but I never mentioned gender. Also never said they were outstanding people. I said they made justifiably angry comments about having random people who know nothing demanding them to do jobs their way. Did they over react? Absolutely. Was Price a really shitty person? Absolutely, TB didn’t deserve the shit she flung at him particularly after he died.

      What I was pointing out however is the fact that they fired their people after having received demands from incredibly bigoted and toxic parts of the gaming community. It caused a perceived result that their demands were why they were fired regardless of the intent ArenaNet might have had. They could have handled it in ways that are much less inflammatory in an already volatile situation.

      Take the whole James Gunn fiasco that’s happened in the past week and a half. The guy made comments years ago that he later admitted publicly he regretted making, he made a mistake and made up for it. That’s human, but he got fired and very probably had his entire life ruined because a vocal group of assholes made a fuss over it to Disney. Now the entire GotG cast has penned an open letter to Disney asking him to be reinstated.

      • The whole thing never was about gender, yet Price made it as a gender thing. That’s the issue. Inks never made any demands, he commented as to why Price made it in to a gender issue. Price told him to “get the fck of her tweet line” as he isn’t entitled to her time. In fact neither one were demanding. And even if that is how she felt it came across, a simple “too tired, and it wouldn’t work”. Jebro wanted to have an open discourse with her. That’s all he wanted. A non-issue that could have been avoided entirely.

        This is going to be shocking. I’ve been on the official gw2 forums. And it wasn’t the toxic, bigoted community that pushed the issue. It was normal players. Some demanded that they get fired and some wanted them to get reprimanded. A straight split. Fck the toxic, bigoted lot. They’d jump up and down like bloody monkeys to get attention. Luckily for the most part, the wider gaming community shoot them down. And yeah, they jumped on the bandwagon. Hell they tried it, even after the whole anet debacle with other devs.

  2. I don’t mean to be rude or anything – if I did I apologise for that. And I understand where you’re coming from. However, this story, has been misconstrued by the general media, showing nothing but biased reporting. And it has irritated me. Normally the toxic, bigoted lot are the ones in the wrong. This debacle however showed that the devs themselves can be just as toxic. Sure they have to put up with a lot of shit thrown at them and smile at it.
    The devs in this instance, threw toxicity in the wrong direction at the wrong ppl. People who actually love and support the game. Toxic and bigoted lot -as usual with anything that pushes their narratives- tried to hijack the unprecedented move by Anet.

    I’m going to be honest with you. I’ve been playing for 5 yrs. I’ve seen a lot of people come and go from the game, abandoning me in other words. I tried and failed in retaining connections in the numerous guilds I’ve joined. The game only made me want to restart again, to learn from the mistakes I’ve made. For the first time however, this debacle had me thinking should I leave the game entirely. Seeing the devs seeing their player base as nuisances.

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