Movie Monday: Life of Pi

This week for Movie Monday I’m covering a more recent movie I found to be quite interesting. It’s Life of Pi!

Plot: The plot is very interesting and while it’s nothing completely fantastical I still enjoyed it quite a bit. It’s an interesting take on the shipwreck survivor “genre”.

Casting: Pi and Richard Parker are the two main stars, and I enjoyed them quite a bit. Suraj Sharma does an excellent job at portraying Pi.

Cinematography: The special effects of this were quite excellent with Richard Parker being almost completely computer generated in most of the scenes.

Overall: A fun movie, that makes you question what belief is.

For those who like: Adventure, Fiction, Thought Provoking Stories, Great Story, Fantastic Casting, Excellent Special Effects.

Not for those who don’t like: Any of the above.

3 thoughts on “Movie Monday: Life of Pi

  1. Hi Michael.
    Thanks for the recommendation! Is Pi a tiger? I thought Life of pi was a movie that came out a few years ago about math. Do you know the one I’m thinking of? Any relation to this one? Or reference to that movie?
    Dad and I will add it to our “must see” movie list. Love a good apocalypse film!

    Thanks again!

    • No it’s not about math, no Pi is not the Tiger, that would be Richard Parker. As for the other one I have no clue. Glad this was a useful suggestion, but it’s not about surviving the apocalypse.

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