Serial Saturday: Siphon Volume 2 by Jay Boyce

This week for Serial Saturday I’m back with the second volume of the Siphon series. It’s Siphon Volume 2 by Jay Boyce!

Plot: First let me say that yes I do know that there is an audiobook release of this already out, but I had this post planned for a while and had a rough draft stored in my notes of my thoughts on the original unedited version on RoyalRoad so I won’t be covering the released versions until the third book is released.

With that out of the way let me say that this second entry in the series was pretty good and covered a ton of threads that came up by the end of the first book and has Jade actually attending the school Dracona that was teased way back in the first few chapters. There were some points where I cringed, but that might just be due to Jade being a dork at times.

Characters: We get to meet a bunch of new characters in this entry, which makes sense given all the new people she has to meet at Dracona. Of the newcomers I think Brady is my favorite, if only because he is the small blades teacher and I’ve always loved the rogue archetype. The rest of the cast is good, although there were some characters that felt a bit forced that may or may not show up in the edited release.

Overall: A solid entry, although I do wish the author was more timely with her releases I am given to understand she has been dealing with health issues.

2 thoughts on “Serial Saturday: Siphon Volume 2 by Jay Boyce

  1. So sorry to hear that a an author that you follow is under the weather. Love this description, and love when an author ties up loose ends. It looks like a really fun book. Definitely doing audio books these days. Is this series at all violent? And knowing me do you recommend it? Also do you think T. would enjoy it? Just for kicks I put the website of the choir that I started. Check it out when you have some time.

    • There is some violence, it does have Audiobook versions. Not too sure about E enjoying it, but it’s a possibility. It does have it’s dark moments though. As for your other question about apocalypse series, I tend not to listen to those series anymore, as they stray too much into the darker part of fiction for me. It influences my mental state too much for me to really enjoy the stories anymore. I also didn’t see a link to the choir you mentioned?

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