Six Years of Writing

Hey all. I just wanted to interrupt our regularly scheduled Movie Monday with a small post celebrating my sixth anniversary of writing.

I first started this blog to challenge myself to see if I could write something every day for a single year, and I succeeded beyond my wildest imaginations by keeping to that daily release schedule for over three years. About halfway through that first year I was contacted by Game Industry News and I started to post my blogs there as well as doing occasional game reviews. Then I was asked to do Audiobook reviews for Audible and then later Tor.

I was ecstatic to be able to do those things. I still am despite me taking a step back from daily posting. My writing has changed quite a bit since then, I’d like to think I have become much more concise and while my posts and reviews might not be as long or as frequent anymore I do think I am much more accurate as to my goal of covering as many stories as I can and portraying them as fairly as possible.

Finally I’d like you all to please consider my question I posed a few weeks ago regarding Fan Fictions. Please do comment with your opinions by February 20th and I’ll decide on what to do regarding that question. Though I am still leaning towards an affirmative to that at this time.

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