Windborne’s Story Eatery Closed (for Now)

Okay so apparently I’m now forced to use this piece of crap “block” editor. It’s highly annoying to use and I’m not sure I want to bother with learning how to use it when my posts on GiN are going to be still using the easy to use post maker thingymabob. I’m not paying $300 just to install a plugin that will only work for a little more than a year so for now I’m going to be closing this website. I may or may not open this particular blog backup but I’ll continue to blog at GiN. If you want to read my posts there you are free to do so, the schedule won’t be changing, one post every 4 days, but until I figure out if I want to bother learning how to use this piece of shit editor I’ll not be posting here anymore. So for now this will be goodbye to this site, whether it comes back or not depends on if I can figure out how to easily copy content from GiN to here. But for now this is goodbye on this website, please visit if you want to continue reading my work and check out my colleagues work there as well.

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