Windborne’s Story Eatery Closed Indefinitely

Hey all it’s with a heavy heart that I’m announcing that this personal blog of mine is not going to be updated for the foreseeable future. The “new” block editor for WordPress is just too clunky and a pain in the ass to use, and even disregarding that I just don’t have the time to deal with the formatting issues that crop up when I try to copy over to GiN or vice-versa. However I’ll still be blogging over on GiN, so if you want to continue reading my stuff please go over there. If for some reason you only want to read my stuff, than you can use this handy link and bookmark it, it shows only the stuff I’ve written with the most recent posts first, this includes any game and book reviews I’ve got over on GiN. I do ask that you read my colleague’s stuff though, but that link is there for you all to use if for whatever reason that isn’t what you want to do. This situation may change if GiN ever switches over to the block editor, but I’m not going to ask them to do so, because I prefer the old WYSIWYG editor over this clunky garbage any day. I do hope you all continue to read my work over on GiN, but if you don’t for whatever reason than it’s been a pleasure to write posts for you for over 6 years. Maybe in the future I’ll be back, but until then this Blog is going to stay up for posterity’s sake.

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