About The Writer and Contact Information

About the Writer:

I’m a Pacific Northwesterner, and currently working with Game Industry News reviewing many different things from Games to Books. I love stories of all sorts regardless of the original language they were written or made in. Except Twilight…

Contacting Me:

If you want me to review your work, please email me at mblaker317@gmail.com and either include your work as a .pdf file or ask for my mailing address in the email and I’ll reply as soon as I can. I am very willing to sign NDA’s for any work you wish for me to review and will respect that with the utmost care. I will however be honest in my review of your work and if I think it’s not amazing I will say so.

This may end up being brutally honest if I think your work is undeserving of people’s time and money. I also have become quite busy with my work at GiN and due to that I have a constantly growing backlog of books to review. I work on a first come first serve basis and may need several months to get to your review, or I may not if I have technical difficulties with an Audiobook review.

Finally if the book is part of a series, or a specific universe that has previous works already published in it, I will want to start at the beginning. I can do otherwise, but doing so will mean I will probably judge the book badly unless it can be read completely on it’s own. As long as you are okay with the above, please send me that email and I’ll be happy to work with you.





11 thoughts on “About The Writer and Contact Information

  1. Hi! I stumbled upon your blog while I was looking for StarCraft posts and I loved your posts! I look forward to reading more from you, especially since I also love books, games, and anime 😀 More power to you & good luck with your Japan plans!

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  4. Hey Michael –

    Do you ever review apocalypse pieces? I recently watched a the first season of a series called The Society. I’d love to hear your take on the show. Watched it on Netflix. Thoughts?
    Also if you have any other suggestions of shows of that genre I’d love to hear them.

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