Launch Imminent

Hey all, I’ve finally gotten my new computer, however due to my old computer being a 2008 Mac Pro (I’m surprised it lasted as long as it did) I’m having to wait on some specific cables to get my data off the computer. Because some of that stuff is stuff I’d rather not redo, or replace unless I absolutely have to, I’m not going to be resuming my writing until I get my data off the computer.  As for my Game and Book reviews, I’m waiting till the end of Pesach (Passover) because I have a free source for Microsoft Office, but said source is observing Pesach and I’m going to give them that time.

I also injured my right hand index finger while on the way to the local grocery store.  I was trying to open a gate whose lock was broken, and I cut open a chunk of skin on the finger pad. It’s not terrible I only got a bit of skin layers and there probably won’t be any permanent issues, but I’m currently typing without using said finger. It’s highly inconvenient and I’d like to give it another week to heal. However I anticipate all of these taking only a week. So unless my plan to get data off my Mac Pro fails miserably (and as far as I know it shouldn’t, but you never know) I should be back up and running by next Thursday. I thank you all for the understanding and giving me this time. I hope you all will enjoy reading my content again.

As a final tease, I’ll be give you the names of my next few game and book reviews.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Road to Boruto

Dark Souls III: The Ringed City

Snake Eyes (Demon Accords Book 11) by John Conroe

The Librarians and The Mother Goose Chase by Greg Cox.

As one last question and I’d really like to get any feedback on it via comments, would people mind if I eased back into the writing gig? I have been gone for more than a month and while I could dive straight back into the writing daily posts, I was given advice to take it easy for a while. I’ll probably be doing 3-4 posts a week, hitting Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday in one week, the rest of the weekday content in the following week.


Update on Hiatus

Hey all I promise I haven’t forgotten about my blog. I finally got my new computer ordered and it’s being shipped soon, however I don’t know when exactly it will arrive this month. I will be back and I hope to do so in the next couple of weeks, but as of right now I can’t give a specific time frame other than it will be by the end of the month at the latest barring any issues that I can’t control, i.e Shipping and the like.  I hope to be back soon with new stuff to cover and I hope you all will be back once I am. In the mean time check out my reviews of books and games at, there are some great stories there as well.

Temporary Hiatus

Hey all, It’s with great sadness that I must inform you all that I wont be able to write any posts for this blog for a while. My Mac Pro is giving up the ghost after nearly 9 years of use, it freezes constantly and I haven’t been able to fix it thus far. I’ll keep trying of course, but I’ll also be trying to build a completely new computer for myself. Hopefully it will be by the end of March, but it might be a bit into April before I can resume writing these daily blog posts. I’ll try to keep writing some book reviews with my old iPad, but it would be a very frustrating to try to write daily blog posts on that, and the quality wouldn’t meet my standards so I won’t attempt to do so.

If you have want to see some writing in the mean time, my game and book reviews on will be going up still, I have a few in the queue and they should be going up in the next few weeks. The book reviews will only be for print and ebooks however as I can’t load any audiobooks without my computer functioning properly.

So until I get back to writing the daily blog posts I ask for your forgiveness and I hope to have you all come back in the near future to continue enjoy my columns. Thanks for your understanding!

1096 Days!


Hey all I’m interrupting your regularly scheduled Retro Game Friday to write this instead. It’s been three years, or 1096 days, since I started writing daily without missing a single day. I’ve gone through deaths in my family, moving, getting sick for over a month, and various other forms of distraction for the past three years. I’ve had a blast writing and will continue to do so, but I wanted to state some of the new things that I’ve been doing in the past year.

Tor: Last year, shortly after my 2nd year of non stop writing, I received a group email with some of my fellow writers at GiN from Tor the big sci-fi/fantasy American publisher and I’ve since started doing reviews for them in addition to the reviews I’ve been doing with Audible. I alternate between the two formats, with occasional breaks for a indie author’s book. If you haven’t been looking at them I highly suggest you give them a read. I’ve been submitting them nearly weekly for the past year, so there is plenty of content for you to enjoy.

Video Game Reviews: I’ve been continuing to receive various video games to review, most of them indie games. Some of them have been great, most haven’t been. I also get some AAA games, like Destiny’s “expansions” and various JRPG/Anime related games. I hope to continue doing these, and you’ll be able to read them at as well. Just so long as they don’t make me vomit like Coffin Dodgers did. Ugh…

That’s it for this post, next week it’ll be back to Retro Game Friday!

Holy Moley! Two Years Already?!


Wow, I never thought I’d be able to meet this personal goal of mine.

Two years of daily posts with no misses, despite getting sick, going on vacation multiple times, experiencing a death in the family and being slammed with reviews of various books and video games and still managing to scrounge up enough time to consume enough stories to make daily posts for my blog Windborne’s Story Eatery. I can’t even believe I’ve done that and managed to maintain my sanity.

What’s happened since last year: I met my goals of renaming my columns that I had from last year at this time. I’ve also been getting more and more books to review from Audible, and while I had a thing going with Graphic Audio, they chose to stop giving me review copies because my reviews weren’t generating enough “hits”.  I’m not too upset about that because I’ve been able to churn out almost weekly Audiobook reviews for Audible, with an occasional hiccup due to technical errors or someone else putting up a book review at Game Industry News.

I’ve even begun to receive review copies of games, with Bandai Namco being the biggest sender thus far. Many thanks go to John Breeden the chief editor at Game Industry News for the help in getting me these review copies. Personally I can’t believe I still see my Tales of Zestiria review pop up occasionally still on the most popular stories on GiN, and that’s after it staying up there for nearly two months straight! Holy cow.

In what is no longer such a suprise my Thursday columns, once known as Light Novel Thursdays and now more appropriately named Translation Necessary Thursdays, are still my most popular blog posts. I’m glad people are enjoying that, it even landed me an honorary admin place at Baka-Tsuki, the biggest Light Novel Translation hub in the world.  So again many thanks to all you out there who enjoy that.

What’s in store for the future?: Well for the foreseeable future I’ll continue to do daily posts, until I either run out of material to do so, or some opportunity opens up for me. Until then, I’ll keep on doing what I do, daily blog posts and nearly weekly audiobook reviews at GiN, with the occasional game review as well! I sent in four game reviews just this last week!

Thank you all for reading me ramble on about stories I enjoy and I hope you continue to do so in the future! Your regularly scheduled Bookish Wednesday will return next week!


It’s been a year already!


It’s been a year already! Wow I can’t believe I actually was able to keep up with my personal goal of posting an article every day for 365 days straight! Not only that, but I’ve opened up another career path for myself by continuing to write everyday. I’m also currently writing for Game Industry News and enjoying the heck out of it!

What isn’t changing in the future: I’m going to continue writing as much as possible, which means for you readers that I’ll be posting a new article everyday until I can’t do it anymore.

What is changing: Shoujo Saturday started as a column covering series aimed at female audiences, and while I’ve stuck to that for the most part, I’ve also strayed into covering various romance series regardless of it’s art style.In the future I’ll be covering all romance series in this column. It will still be called Shoujo Saturday in the future until and if I can find a suitable name for it to become instead of Shoujo Saturday.

Video Game Tuesday started as a column where I covered various games that have released recently. It has since turned into a column where I talk about not only just the games themselves, but also the design philosophy in the game industry as well. I’ll continue doing both of those in the future, and the name will remain unchanged.

Book Series Wednesday will hopefully be renamed something punny, because for the last few months I haven’t covered actual book series, and covered individual books themselves. I also will continue to write audiobook reviews for Game Industry News as well, but this will be a separate project of mine, and while I can’t promise that I won’t cover the material twice, I will still cover books each Wednesday.

Light Novel Thursday: I’m going to change this column in what may be very major ways. I’ve got a post scheduled for this Thursday that will cover what is going to happen in the future. I will keep writing about Light Novels though!

Asking for Reviews: I am still available and willing to do this for anyone, if they will send me a copy of their content either through a .PDF (or .MP3 format for Audiobooks) or advanced review copies of video games. I promise to be honest with my opinion on it, even if it’s brutally honest, but I’ll always be willing to make suggestions on how to fix it.

Special Thanks: To all you readers out there for giving me a chance at becoming a professional writer by linking to my blog and/or reblogging my content. Game Industry News for letting me post the content of my blog onto their website, even though they only said they wanted my video game blog posts I ended up posting everything.

Thanks again everyone for making Windborne’s Story Eatery a success!

The first post: site charter


So I guess some people who follow me on Twitter would love to see me make a blog with more comments about what I talk about on Twitter which is Games, Books, Anime, Light Novels, and other media. So heres to the new blog! I’ll probably update this site once a week at least, with the goal being a different subject every day of the week.

About Me:

I’m a former student of both Game Design and Japanese. Currently Unemployed (though I’m working on getting a job). My hobbies obviously include the above mentioned activities. I speak Japanese somewhat well, and understand it fluently for every day topics. A spineless moderate as my High School Government class teacher would could call me as my political alignment. I’m an Agnostic with a slight leaning towards Judaism.  I live in the Pacific Northwest, in Oregon specifically. As for names I go by I was born Michael, and have been called many other things from Mouse to Peter(Don’t ask it’s a long story).I have a history of dealing with Depression and Anxiety, which I may mention in posts.

Why did I choose the name Windborne Sword? I was born in the Chicago,Illinois aka the Windy city and I have always admired swords, and they are the things I’ll use in games over anything else if I get the chance. Hence I was born of wind, it’s a pun, and and my mind is like a sword, sharp and to the point.

Favorite game genres are JRPGs with some action games suiting my tastes. I tend to dislike FPS games, and platformers or any kind of competitive Player vs Player gameplay like League of Legends. I do play WoW and I used to be part of a hardcore raiding guild on the realm Garithos-US [A]. Now a days I’m still on Garithos, but I’ve taken to casual raiding on the weekends while I work on getting every legendary item in the game. Only 2 more to go as of the day of this post! My main is an Unholy Death Knight, alts include a Rogue and Monk, with a mage and druid as my profession alts.

My favorite book genres are Fantasy of all kinds. Some authors that I enjoy reading are Brandon Sanderson, awesome guy by the way, Pat Rothfuss and Jim Butcher. I’ll read just about anything though, except for Twilight that can rot and burn for eternity along with The Crucible.I tend to listen to books instead of reading them now a days as I read way too fast to actually get much enjoyment of the book.  I do read Manga, and have about 10-15 series I’m currently caught up to current chapter releases with. I tend to enjoy all genres of Manga and I do even dabble into Shoujo.  I enjoy reading Light Novels as well, and I do read them when I get the chance on my iPad.

I like to watch Anime as well, and like my reading I’ll watch just about anything. I don’t watch much TV shows anymore because when I was in college I didn’t have a TV. That said I occasionally will watch a movie or something on TV.

Music preferences are for stuff from Japan, as it helps me keep my understanding of the language fresh in my mind and I grew sick of Western music for the most part after being in my school’s choir for 4 years.

What to expect from this blog: My thoughts about any Anime series I’m currently watching, Books I’m listening to or reading, and thoughts on Games I’ve been playing. I may go into game balance as well, as I love to analyze what works in games and doesn’t work.  I may go into how to play better as well, specifically into playing World of Warcraft in the PvE side of things. I’ll have to see if I feel up to that.

What not to expect from this blog: Deep insight into my psyche and/or look into my private life. I’m not going to be talking about my love life or family issues at all here as they are private matters. Any kind of spoilers about anything I talk about. I take great care to keep anything spoilerish as vague as possible so others can enjoy it. If I must go into spoiler territory it will be marked as such.


My twitter handle is @WindborneSword please follow me so I can follow more people, this stupid 2,000 people limit is kind of dumb for us speed readers and information hogs.  Yes I do actually read through most of my twitter stream, as I can read really fast, so the more people I can follow the better.